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Memories matter. Kress Productions is the home of award-winning NYC wedding films for couples in NJ, NY, PA, and CT. Let us tell your story.

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You Have Questions About Wedding Videos. We Have Answers.

What is the difference between wedding videography and cinematography? If you're interested in having a custom wedding film produced, let's start a conversation to have your questions answered.

+ How many hours do you film for on our wedding day?

I will be on site as long as necessary in order to produce the videos required for your package. A typical wedding day for our team is around 10 hours.

+ Will you and your camera equipment get in the way on our special day?

I try to be as unobtrusive and discreet as a wedding cinematographer can be. My goal is to capture candid moments as they happen with as little interference as possible. There will only be a few instances throughout the day where I ask you to do something for the sake of your Wedding Film. Other than those times, I try to blend into the scenery.

+ When will I receive my finished videos?

It depends on the time of year. We only edit at one speed and every project gets the same amount of attention. I understand that nobody likes waiting and that you are excited to see your finished Film. But we never rush through a project just to get it done. The majority of projects are completed in a six to eight weeks.

+ Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. All of our packages will add NJ sales tax @ 7%. Kress Productions, LLC is a legitimate business and NJ requires it. Cinematography is a taxable service with or without physical products, so we cannot give you a break on taxes or we can face legal action from the state.

+ Can you give me a discount for paying with cash?

Payment methods and productions costs are not directly related, so there is not a discount for cash payments.

+ What type of equipment do you use?

My primary cameras are full frame Sony A7sII's with Sony A6300's for added angles. I use an assortment of Canon, Zeiss, Leica and Rokinon lenses and come fully equipped with sliders, gliders, gimbals, jibs, rigs, tripods, monopods, etc. Everything is small and lightweight so I can be as mobile and unobtrusive as possible.

+ Are you going to use lights?

I occassionally use subtle lighting to enhance a dimly lit reception venue, but no harsh or glaring lighting is used. Those big, bright camera lights on the dance floor at a reception are a thing of the past.

+ Do you include aerial footage in all your videos?

Commercial aerial cinematography is currently very difficult to perform legally. We partner with a local firm who can safely and legally provide this service, conditions permitting.

+ Do you carry insurance?

Yes. All of my equipment is insured and we can provide a certificate of liability insurance.

+ Do we have to provide your team with a meal?

A meal is not required but is always appreciated!

+ Can we have any song we want in the Film?

Not exactly. The music we use in your Film is fully licensed and comes from a variety of sources that offer affordable licensing packages. We welcome your input to our music selection but, ultimately, creative decisions are at the discretion of the cinematographer.

+ Do you always have an additional cinematographer?

A second or third cinematographer isn't always necessary, especially at smaller events or for shorter films. But an additional cinematographer is required if I need to be in two places at once.

+ Do you always use the same additional cinematographers?

The additional crew I hire for your wedding also work professionally and their availability varies. But I only work with people I know and trust.

+ Can we receive all the raw footage?

Raw footage is available but I don't usually recommend purchasing it. The footage we capture is recorded using a relatively flat color profile, which requires professional color/exposure grading software to view correctly. Every minute of footage we collect is carefully scrutinized and we promise you're going to see all the best parts of the day somewhere your production package. Instead of raw footage, I recommend purchasing the ceremony and reception documentary edits.

+ Can you recommend a good photographer?

Absolutely! I've worked with many great photographers and are happy to send you some names. Here is a short list of people I love working alongside.

+ How will you keep track of our wedding day events and special requests?

About a month before your wedding, I provide you with an information sheet that lists all the important details of your wedding day in terms of specific times and locations. This information, along with any special requests or restrictions, is noted in order to limit surprises that may arise throughout the day. On the day of the wedding, we will coordinate with your planner, photographer, and DJ/band/MC to help make the day progress as smoothly as possible.

+ What is the usual payment schedule?

The contract balance is divided into two payments. One half of the contract is a retainer which will reserve your date. The second half is due one month before the wedding.